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Q1. What STS is Offering?

Ans: STS employment announcements, to organize a STS new body.

Q2. What are My Eligibility Criteria?

Ans: M.Phil, Master's , Bachelors, Intermediate.

Q3. Where Can I Get the Information About the STS Tests?

Ans: You can get the information about STS tests from any of the following sources:

a. Advertisements through Print Media

b. Advertisements through Electronic Media

c. Social Media and

d. STS website etc.

Q4. Where Can I Get the Application Forms?

Ans: You can get free of charge Application Forms from STS website before the last date for registration in the relevant program.

Q5. How Can I Register for STS Test?

Ans: Please fill your application form according to the instructions given and submit it by paying the online Test Fee in any branch of: Sindh Bank Limited.

Q6. How Shall I Fill the Forms?

Ans: Before you fill in the form few things needs to be kept in mind by the applicant because any incomplete, inappropriate or unclear information in the form may cause delay in the registration process and you may not be able to take the test on time. The instructions to fill the form are as follows:

a. If application form is in type-able form, fill application form and print it. Otherwise use black ink and BLOCK LETTERS to fill out the form.

b. Download the appropriate test application form as per prescribed requirements.

c. Be careful with the spellings of your name, father name, caste, address and CNIC number etc for future correspondence with STS. further, Write the correspondence/ mailing address correctly where you can be contacted in future.

d. Test Fee is submitted in the form of Online Deposit Slip in any nearest following banks with its account i.e. Sindh Testing Service (STS)



Account No: 03342305761000

e. STS Copy (Original) must be attached with the Application Form.

f. Also indicate your choice for the city, where you want to take the test out of the options available to you. Please ensure:

(i) Two passport size photographs are affixed at appropriate places on form. (Use gum instead of using staples)

(ii) Original Bank Deposit Slip (STS Copy)

(iii) CNIC (Photo Copy)

Q7. Where & how to Submit the Form?

Ans: After you fill the form according to the instructions, send your form through any courier service or mail (Post office). Make sure to attach:

i) Two copies of your recent photographs

ii) Clearly written candidate's name in the BLOCK LETTERS

iii) Clearly written candidates father's name in BLOCK LETTERS

iv) Clearly written National Identity Card (NIC) number

v) Clearly written candidate's postal address in BLOCK LETTERS

vi) Clearly written phone number etc

vii) If any essential requirement is missing in the Registration Form, it will be clearly marked as rejected.

Q8. Does STS Confirm My Registration?

Ans: Yes, after submitting the Application Form you will get your Roll Number Slip (Call Letter) containing Roll No., Test Venue etc on your mailing address. This slip confirms your registration. You can also visit STS website for confirmation. You must take that slip with you to the test center on the day of your test otherwise you are not allowed to sit in the Examination Hall. In case of any confusion or problems with the registration process you can Contact STS main office or STS liaison office whichever is convenient at your end.

Q9. May I Register on the Day of Examination?

Ans: No. The registration of candidates on the day of STS Examination cannot be entertained. The candidate should get registered before the deadline, announced by STS for the close of registration process.

Q10. How Can I Get Help in Case of Any Problem During Registration Process?

Ans: Yes. If you have any confusion about the registration process you can clarify by calling the STS Office or following Contact STS Office:

STS Head Office: House No:

Customer Relation Office:

Q11. How Can I Get the Test Schedule?

Ans: If you have any confusion about the Test Schedule you can get the details from the news media and also STS website i.e. www.

Q12. How Can I Get My Identification Slip?

Ans: Roll Number Slip confirms your registration. It serves as your Identification Slip and also informs you about the location of the center.

Q13. How to Find the Place and Schedule of Test?

Ans: Very easy! The schedule, time, location, etc., is published through the news media and STS website i.e. www. from where you can get further help and other information.

Q14. How to Get Myself Identified at the Test Center?

Ans: At the Test Center you are asked to show your Roll No. Slip that was sent to you after you submitted your form or your information from STS website in print. The staff at the Test Center identifies you with the photograph attached on the slip or from your NIC, it is must. If you fail to show your Roll No. slip to the administration on the test day or if your photograph does not match your appearance, you may not be allowed to enter the Test Center.

Q15. What Should I Take With Me to the Test Center?

Ans: You should take sharpened pencils, pen with eraser and clip-board. Besides this the candidate is also asked to show his/her Roll No. Slip.

Q16. What are the Things that I Should Not Take with Me in the Test Center?

Ans: Calculators, cell phones, books, booklets, any kind of paper or cheating material are strictly not allowed to be taken inside the test center. If you are found with any of these items with you during the test you are not allowed to take the examination and be considered disqualified.

Q17. Where Shall I Sit?

Ans: Enter the examination hall and look for the seat that has your roll number pasted on it. The seats are arranged in a sequential order of roll numbers. If you do not find your seat ask any of the invigilators at the center without further delay and hesitation.

Q18. What are the Rules and Regulations that are Applied to Me Inside the Test Center?

Ans: Following are the Rules and Regulations that are applied inside the center and you have to abide by:
i) The test is given on the day and at the time scheduled. You are asked to observe punctuality which is must for appearing in the test. You are assigned a seat by the invigilation staff or the STS person.
ii) Testing aids are not permitted to be taken along to the Test Center. Items like calculators, pagers, cell phones, headphones, and any paper or writing material, dictionaries etc., are prohibited in the test center.
iii) You are not allowed to eat, drink, or use tobacco during the test.
iv) If you do not show the Roll No. Slip and your photograph does not match, you are not permitted to take the test.
v) No discussion or communication with the fellow candidates is allowed during the test session.
vi) You are also not allowed to leave Test Center without the permission of the supervisor.
vii) Under no circumstances the test questions or any part of a test be removed, reproduced or disclosed verbally, electronically, or physically or by any other means to any person or entity.
viii) Test centers do not have large waiting areas. Friends or relatives who accompany you to the test center are not permitted to wait in the near vicinity of the test center or contact you while you are taking the test.
ix) If you need to leave your seat at any time during the test, raise your hand and ask the invigilator. Timing of the section does not stop.
x) Repeated unscheduled breaks will be documented and reported to STS.
xi) STS reserves the right to videotape any or all of the testing sessions.
xii) Dress in such a way that you can adapt to any room temperature.
xiii) You cannot communicate with anyone (other than the test center staff) while the test session is in progress or even during the breaks.
xiv) You are not permitted to leave the test center vicinity during the test session or breaks.
xv) If at any time during the test you believe that you have a problem with your test, or need the Invigilation Staff for any reason, raise your hand to notify the Invigilation Staff.

Q19. On What Basis Can I may be disqualified from the Test?

Ans: If you are found indulged in any of the following activities, he / she is disqualified from the test:
i) Arriving late at the test center.
ii) Taking the test for someone else.
iii) Failing to provide the Roll No. Slip.
iv) Using any objectionable material during the test.
v) Trying to create disturbance inside the test center.
vi) Showing ill behavior towards the invigilation staff.
vii) Trying to communicate with the fellow candidates while the test is in progress.
viii) Trying to tear pages from the question paper.
ix) Showing indiscipline i.e. eating, smoking etc.
x) Leaving the test center without permission.

Q20. How Shall I Take Test?

Ans: Sit on your seat and wait for the time of the test. Make sure that you do not have any objectionable material as already referred above. The invigilators give you the question book and answer sheets. Fill in the essential information in the blank columns of answer sheet. While attempting to answer questions read the choices in each question and mark the corresponding space on the answer sheet. Do keep the time aspect in mind because nobody will be given extra time.

Q21. How Shall I Mark the Answer Sheet?

Ans: Write Your Name, Father's Name, Roll Number etc (if required) on the answer sheet. Read the directions carefully before you begin your test.

Q22. What are the Other Test Taking Strategies?

Ans: Following strategies may be noted:
i) You are provided with a few blank pages in the test paper. You can use them for ii) Keep a very careful track of time.
iii) Do not panic while solving your paper. Give each section a specific time period and your rough work. Some formulas and helping tables are given at the end of the question paper. You can take help from those for solving the questions. try to complete every section on time.
iv) If you have carefully read all the directions given in the test guide, do not waste your time by reading the directions on the answer sheet. They are exactly the same as in the guide.
v) Do not leave any question unanswered. If you are confused or have no idea about a certain question, try making a guess for the right answer.
vi) Do not make any extra marks on the answer sheet. Computer might register these and consider them as another marked choice

Q23. What are my Eligibility Criteria for Subject Test?

Ans: It may be checked from STS website and it would be according to the nature of test/ examination.